M Y    B U C K E T    L I S T

of things to do:

1) Go on a road trip

2) Attend a boarding school

3) Start a blog

4) Start a YouTube Channel

5) Write a novel

6) Start a bullet journal

7) Publish my books / poetry

8) Go on an overseas trip with friends

9) Visit Prince Edward Island and cry while listening to Anne's Theme

10) Make a snow angel 

11) Have a snowball fight

12) Visit at least one country on every continent

13) Travel to all the provinces in Canada

14) Visit every state in the US

15) Read a book in Central Park

16) Spend New Year's Eve countdown in Times Square, NY

17) Go hiking in the Grand Canyon

18) Go kayaking

19) Get a real Christmas tree

20) Experience a White Christmas

21) Go ziplining

22) Stay in a hut above water

23) Stay in a wooden cabin with hot chocolate in winter

24) Have a real sleepover

25) Attend a concert

26) Visit Disney in Florida with my mom

27) Adopt a dog

28) Speak conversational French

29) Learn Latin

30) Build a fort

31) Make a full-length travel video to publish 

32) Visit Yosemite

33) Learn to drive

34) Go skydiving (indoors/outdoors)

35) Live in Los Angeles

36) Get to know more than 10 strangers in a day

37) Start a business

38) Climb Mount Fuji for the sunset (literally impossible I can't wake up)

39) See the sunset at Griffith Observatory

40) Go cave tubing/exploring

41) Go on a cruise

42) See the Northern Lights

43) Dye my hair an insane colour

44) Graduate from school. Lol.

45) Get accepted to my dream college :)

46) Go backpacking in Europe

47) See the filming locations of The Sound Of Music

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-{ the notorious dreamer }-

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